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afternoon, i'm jeff rash theory, live in oakland where some of the best bay area bargains up for grabs, all to help a great cause. tell you how to get your hands on some of these awesome deals and exactly where we are in just a few minutes. speaking of deals, dealing with sunshine and the 7-day forecast. that full weather report in just minutes i. >>> crews are digging up part of a street in green bray to try to fix a water main that ruptured under the roadway this morning. it happened near sir francis drake boulevard. chp officers tell us at one point, water was shooting six feet into the air. at the rate of 1500 gallons minute for 90 minutes. the break was capped but about a dozen homes are still without water tonight. crews are now making sure the roadway is still structurally sound. >>> investigators in the central valley have started excavating a new well linked to the speed freak killers. the as well in linden, the same area where another well was excavated which revealed the remains of some of the victims of lauren herzog and we shall wesley sherman tine. several of the victims' fami
with a memorial service at noon at mission dolores. >>> oakland police are under pressure to track down a gunman in four different shootings after four people were killed within a few hours of each other yesterday afternoon. one of the victims was a 17-year-old man. the shooting spanned different neighborhoods of that city from west oakland to deep east oakland. this is the scene at the fourth shooting which happened around 8:15 last night on hillside street. not far from bishop o'dowd high school. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the man's killing is oakland's 60th homicide of the new year -- sixth homicide of the new year, that is. police say they have linked all four homicides to several rival gangs. there have been no arrests. >>> a teenager from milpitas died in a crash this morning, and the driver of the car is in serious condition. the accident happened on northbound 880 in san jose near gish road at about 1:30 this morning. the chp says the car was speeding and somehow flipped ending up on its roof. the passenger was thrown from the car. alcohol and/or drugs are suspected. >>
some of the folks have not had a hot shower since january 3rd. >> in the east bay now, has oakland hit rock bottom? several oakland city council members are pleading for state and federal help after a violent weekend in the city. the toll since friday, four people dead and a total of 15 people shot. nbc bay area jody hernandez is there on the scene. >> some here at city hall and across the city of oakland, everyone here in the city of oakland are calling for something to be done here to curb the violence, some say it's time to ask the governor to declare a state of emergency here in oakland. that after an incredibly violent weekend, 15 shootings took place across the city over the weekend. four of them fatal and many took place in daylight. it's time for city leaders to forget about the egoes and ask for more help. but the police chief say they are getting help from the california highway patrol, and alameda sheriff's deputies will be hitting the streets that is after help from the atf and u.s. marti marshals office. with the violence escalating, many say it's clearly not enough. >> we
whenever you need it. all you need to do is search weather. >> oakland's mayor and top cop are on the defense, following a controversial vote to hire bill bratten. the big question is, now that he is hired, what will he propose as a solution to oakland's growing problem with violent crime. we are life at citi hall with the story. >> well, good evening. i spoke by phone earlier today to his wife and she tells me that he is now in detroit working on a problem similar to the one he will be working on in oakla oakland. as for what he will suggest, we can is surmise that by looking at what he has done in other cities. home break ins and burglaries are something that is featured on oakland crime watch. the program was started last summer. >> i had a neighbor recently just accosted, was on hold for 20 minutes with 911 and was advised to go online, and fill out a report. >> he said that it's a daily occurrence. 30 burglaries and assaults per month. >> at least one per day. it's outrageous, us as tax paying citizens should not have to accept. >> these are the low level crimes that t
are fortunate to have him come here and help us understand the dynamics of oakland, and tosy with our community members, our staff and see leaders to develop a comp henceive plan to address the crime problems in oakland. >> oakland has summarily rejected the things he stands for. we rejected curfews. >> he is the former police kmeef in -- police chief in other majorities. we will have a live report on the hiring report at 6:00. a heinous crime that left a little dog dead. they have now identified the man responsible for throwing a dog into traffic while committing a robbery. last month, officers believe barrett robbed a woman in a car and then through her dog into the street. if you know anything about his whereabouts, you are asked to call police. >> it was a gruesome discovery, a man's body found stuffed in the trunk of his own car. the body was found last night near the sonoma state campus. the car was in a no parking zone, sheriff's deputies noticed blood on the driver's side and noticed the trunk unlocked and then found the body. the victim is a sonoma county man with a criminal history. t
was stabbed outside an oakland bart station. police say that last night around 6:45 in the evening, a man got into an argument with a cab driver. the argument escalated and the man established the driver before fleeing on foot. the driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. police are still searching for the suspect. >>> new details tonight on that long anticipated nhl lockout ending. it took 113 days and 600 cancelled games of hockey, it is finally back. it's music to sharks fans ears, the nhl prior's association hammered out a deal just in the nick of time. harry wofford is here with the details. if you stayed up to watch this, you must be tired this evening. >> i am ready to talk about it, hockey is back, and it's about time the nhl lockout is over. the league and the players association reached a tentative agreement, the deal still requires language, clarification and ratification from both sides. however, there's a chance the 2013 schedule will be announced tomorrow, and most of the teams will open training camp on thursday. the new agreement is a ten-year deal with neutr
. the tough police style bratton is famous for is not for oakland. >> oakland residents have come out time and time again against things like loitering ordinances and curfews. >> bring in bratton and the fbi. >> reporter: for those living in the thick of it, they say enough is enough. it's time to get tough. >> they are violating everyone else's constitutional rights. we can't even walk our streets without worrying about a bullet coming our way. they need to be stopped. >> reporter: a live look at city hall. you can see that protesters have started to assemble outside city hall, and i can tell you that the police chief tells me he still believes that bratton is the best man for the job, the best person for the job. he plans to present a 30-slide power point presentation at tonight's meeting. he says he is more resolved than ever to bring bratton in. reporting live in oakland, jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll cover tonight's meeting. brentwood, four teenagers recovering after being shot in a drive-by shooting. the teens range in age from 13 to 16. they were standing in front of a
they were chasing crashed in oakland hills. the suv crashed near the sequoia country club. the chase started about 2:00 in the morning when chp tried to pull over the stolen suv. the mercury news is reporting that suv was packed with eight people between the ages of 15 and 19 when it raced down i-80 onto 580 before it crashed into a tree in oakland hills. neighbors woke up to the sound of the crash and the sirens. >> i was just so proud of the oakland police force at that point and chp guys that were here. they really worked beautifully and they were here for at least two or three hours. and we did see a stretcher with a -- cover off there, i assumed somebody had died. >> the driver fled the scene, is still at large tonight. >>> this past tuesday marked the 40th verse of the roe versus wade decision. the annual walk for life west coast rally started at civic center and ended with a march down market street. organizers and demonstrators are encouraged by how each year the crowd is bigger than the last. >> it's very easy if you're of my persuasion to believe you are alone, or one of a tiny min
wine during communion until the flu season ends. we checked with the diocese in oakland and san francisco and they say they will continue to offer the shared wine during communion. >>> one east bay school, it's not the flu but another contagious bug. more than 100 students appear to have caused the noro virus. excuse us for that video there. nearly 30 schools reported similar cases. ♪ >>> we want to show you video now. lady gaga's tour kicks off in about 2 1/2 hours. but this is more than your typical concert. this includes everything from parking lot fashion shows to free health screenings. this is a lot more than just a stage show for fans. >> reporter: it is. and you mentioned lady gaga's little mopsters. right now, a few hundred are taking part in the born brave bus tour. once you get past the music and the boldness of its appearance, you realize that there are some serious issues being dealt with. you can't miss the born brave bus. for all its color and style, it's been created with one basic goal in mind, to help. it invites fans to connect with counselors about anything
with damage to the front end. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the chp. >>> in it oakland, the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire now faces formal charges of arson and attempted murder. 22-year-old dexter oliver face tszed a judge pleaded in the got to setting her girlfriend on fire in san francisco last week. the 25-year-old star lamar remains in critical condition with burns to her face and upper body. her family tells the chronicle oliver burned her during a fight because she wanted him to help her carry clothes to the laundromat. prosecutors say oliver was on prosecuti probation. >>> investigators are now trying to determine what caused a adly big rig crash that shut down a busy highway in vallejo at the height of the commute this morning. the big rig burst into flames. you see the video here after plunging from it an on-ramp that connects highway 39 to westbound 37. it happened around 6:45 a.m. today. a few people who saw the accident pulled the driver from the flames but ultimately his injuries proved fatal. he's identified as 43-year-old william ballard o
bridge to the oakland estuary is definitely covered by this visibility restriction. however, it looked like maybe the bay bridge itself is not part of the restrictions. >> reporter: now, deb is also on the harbor safety committee which meets this thursday. she tells me they cannot make any changes until the issue is put on the agenda. so they are hoping to do it by their next meeting next month. and they're not only going to be looking at those critical maneuvering areas and the bay bridge itself but the harbor safety committee is also going to be reviewing its entire safety plan to see if there are any more gaps. we're live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> we have continuing coverage of the story including live streaming news conferences, raw video and close-up pictures of the damage. you'll find it on our website, >>> weather whiplash. a live look outside from our high-definition towercams. they show a beautiful and warmer day, but that is about to change. chief meteorologist jeff ra rainieri tells us when to expect the chang
and three counts of attempted murder in the shooting in oakland. authorities say goh was in a dispute with school officials over tuition at the time of the massacre. >> well, he was certainly a deeply troubled man. he's locked up in shame and remorse and sadness. he's not eating. he's not taking good care of himself. i think he's significantly mentally ill, and he needs help. >> reporter: goh will be back in court at the end of the month when it will be decided which mental health hospital he will go to. his attorney says he will receive therapy and medication and the court will receive reports every 90 days on his progress. once he is restored to better health, his attorney says he is expected to stand trial. live in oakland, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. >>> new details emerging on day one of a preliminary hearing for that suspect in last year's colorado movie theater massacre. officers held back tears as they recounted the day that james holmes entered the aurora theater and then opened fire, killing 12 and injuring 70. the officers say holmes appeared
to boost business at the airport and the airport needs a boost. in 2011, the airport trailed oakland and others in total pass enjeers. damian, you know the drill, brand new terminal, not long ago, brand new service today, will it help to bring more people to sjc. >> this flight links the technology capital of the world with a technology giant that is japan. now, sjc said it has the pass eninjure demand it just need s flights and in is a step in the right direction. >> first landing, the dreamliner. it was cause for a celebration in san jose international apartme airport, this is so important for our members and other business travelers and to the traveling public. >> carl lardino, represents the executives that were wanting this direct flight to tokyo. their only option before was sfo, which prompted the mayor to take a jab at his neighbor to the north. >> you can fly out of an airport that has one of the best on time records in the country and you can avoid an airport that has one of the worst on time records in the country. they have been struggling the to lure more airlines to the
in oakland say the city's shot spotter technology helped nab a gunman and seize a military grade assault rifle. that's the audio of gunshots recorded on new year's eve by sensors that cover half of the city. officers pinpointed the shots and responded to the scene. a high speed chase followed and officers say they saw the gunman throw the assault rifle out the window of his car along with a magazine capable of holding 100 rounds. >> as of late we have seen many weapons like this out on the streets. we had an increase in recovery of assault weapons and an increase in information coming in from confidential informants that weapons like this are available. >> one person was injured in the shooting and the gunman is behind bars facing multiple weapons charges. >>> california is suing two oil companies for violating the state's hazardous waste laws. philips 66 and conoco philips are accused of failing to properly maintain gas storage tanks under 600 service stations. the claim is that they tampered with leak detection devices. this follows a statewide investigation in which the attorney gener
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